Trip Planning - Six Flags St Louis Holiday in the Park 2020

We have park reservations Friday and Saturday Nov 30 2020

The Plan: Drive in for check-in and on to the park for Friday night. We stay until the kids are cold and back to the hotel for a night. Back for rope rope and leave for home when the kids are cold.

Park: Season passes, not cost

Food: Split our food plans, extras/upgrades only

Hotel: I picked 2 options based on my current cards (more info at

opt 1) Chase Ultimate Rewards:

Onsite(ish) at Holiday Inn

If you got this card as of this post that would be about 8 nights so using one night isn't bad as all

opt 2) Hilton

Closest is one exit away so still close

If you got the Hilton card 

I'm Planning on Hilton as I have more points and like to save the Chase points for our Flights on the 2021 Rollercoaster Rylie all Six Flags Extravaganza

** Note: Diamond status will not get you anything other than close parking as this location doesn't have suites :-(