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Cedar Fair just got $870.11 from me - How I paid

Cedar Fair - Family of 4 I often get the comment 'why didn't you stop at park x' when people are looking at my trips. BUT... $870 is why I rotate years with some chains. I need to do a whole post on the 'OffYear,' as I call it.  Wow, I have to say it again, it adds up quickly. On Friday I posted about opening a card for this purchase but... I wasn't approved. I was rushing, so guess I opened that cash card to close and Chase cards are usually the pickiest, but still my favorite. What I get for a last minute move, better to plan ahead. So... back to what I did. I used the Discover 5% cash back with PayPal and broke up the payments. So, this gives me $9 earned off the top and the option to move the payments to another card and/or pay it off at any time. Since Cedar Fair doesn't charge any fees, this gives the most flexibility. Did you buy at 2022 CF Pass? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you're planning a trip.

[Planning] Cedar Fair Season Pass

Mid Aug and you get the rest of 2021 with your 2022 pass First off, the "rest of 2021" is why I take every-other-year off from Cedar Fair Parks. The passes are a bit pricey unlike Six Flags we always get yearly. Planning.... At $200/person and a family of 4 that's enough money it's worth thinking about a new card sign on bonus [SOB]. Since I have continue to max out Chase and Hilton looking onto an less flexible card that can fit into a strategy for the passes. If you don't have Chase you might still be able to get that 100K offer with lots of flexability. For me I'm looking into: SpringHill Suites at Carowinds in Charlotte, NC (Marriott) since I'm looking into a loop Stay tune