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Feb 2021 Fiesta Fest Trip Report

I know it's the weathers fault and not Six Flags... but I was still crushed to miss SFFT and SFOT. So, what do you do when you check into your flight then find out the event you are leaving for got canceled? Why, I go anyway and find something else to do. Summary: Type: Extended Weekend - Flight [#PWPExtWeekend] OnPoints: Failed Parks: Tom Foolerys - Round Rock, TX Kalahari Indoor Water Park - Round Rock, TX SeaWorld - San Antonio, TX ZDT's Amusement Park - Seguin, TX Friday Had planned to check out the Zoo possible but did a drive by of Six Flags over Texas since it was going to be closed all weekend. It was still icy from the weather so everything was pretty much closed (even the Starbucks I stopped at) so I want South to Round Rock. Tom Foolery's - Kalahari Indoor Water Park Day Rating: Better than Expected My only negative was the price, they had removed the joint after 5pm ticket so I had to pay $95 to go to both (Unlimited at Tom Foolery's was $45 - Aft

U-Turn - My ACE Texas Six Flags Trip Day 1 Update

So, what do you do when when you check into your flight and then find out the event your flying for is canceled.... Well, I went again and flew anyway... My Friday (other that my SFOT drive-by) was Tom Foolery's as planned but Friday night was some re-plan setting and this morning it's all about sea world. More to come as this is a crazy trip change.

Got a Hilton Aspire? Free year of Blinkist for Book Summaries

Last week to claim the year of Blinkist if you have the Hilton Aspire. I love this app to give me a quick summary of a book, think of it as audio cliff notes. This is the card that gives you Dimond status, Lounges with 2 guest, up to $250 in airline-fee credits and up to $250 in Hilton resort credits....BUT a significant $450 annual fee so make sure you would use the perks before clicking the link to support the site.

Let's Plan - North East Six Flags Loop

Let's Plan - North East Six Flags Loop I know, nothing but planning posts but I'm in IL and it's Feb, not a lot of options here. I'm looking for  Where do I fly in? Can I do it in 9 days? SF America - 3 hours - SF Great Adventure - 3 1/2 to 4 (have to drive by Liberty) - SF New England - 2 1/2 hours - SF Great Escape - 2 to 3 hours La Ronde (if the border opens) - another 6 to Darien Lake - only 4 1/2 hours if have to bypass La Ronde SF Darien Lake - 5 hours - Hersheypark (Break-up the longer leg) - 2 1/4 hours - SF America If we go for my Birthday a flight option would be: Fri, Aug 13 6:00 AM – 10:47 AM into DCA Mon, Aug 23 4:45 PM – 8:26 PM

Get Apps for Free - Google Opinion Rewards

Sorry, I was so busy with launching a podcast I missed my Wednesday post. So to tide you over I wanted to see if you used Google Opinion Rewards. That's how I've paid for GPS tour apps of Yellowstone and any of those reoccurring Google Play charges if you're on Android. It adds up in the surveys usually only take a minute. Get paid for answering short surveys. Download Google Opinion Rewards now: