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Balance Transfers???

Monthly Credit Card Update I keep thinking some day I will get a Balance Transfer offer that's worth it but... Na Today prepping for my monthly report-out I looked into my Citi Custom Cash, my new card and quick look says not bad, 0% for 15 months - I'm in....  BUT Sadly fine print is a 5% fee to move the money and if I slip up - BLAM 17% Bottom line, It's not worth 5% for the risk Every time I look at something like this I fine it's not worth the risk if a screw something up - How about you? Fine something that works for a balance transfer? Sound off in the comments....

Introducing the Owner's Rewards Card by M1

I starting to move my investments to M1 and only posting because I use the debit card cash back to offset park expense. Now it looks like there are adding a credit card soon so more to come on M1. Read more about offsetting park cost here

Lets Plan - Six Flags Great America via Public Transportation

Crazy Quick Trip?  Summary: I'm taking Amtrak up but once I'm already downtown can I leave after work and make it to Six Flags for dinner and some rides? This way I can still work a bit on the train and don't have to worry about traffic. Plus, I don't usually have my car with me in Chicago. There: Looks like if your near Union Station down town Chicago you can use google maps to find the route. For this test I would take Train UP-N , Ogilvie Transportation Center to Waukegan, 4:00 - 5:07 PM then Bus 565 , Sheridan Rd & Washington St to Grand Ave & Lawson Blvd/Six Flags Pkwy, 5:17 - 5:39 PM  Back: To get me back around 10:30 I would need to catch Bus565 , Grand Ave & Six Flags Pkwy/Lawson Blvd to Waukegan Metra Station, 8:39 PM - 9:01 PM then Train UP-N , Waukegan to Ogilvie Transportation Center, 9:05 PM - 10:23 PM I downloaded the Ventra app and it looks like I can use the phone to get on/off everything.

Amtrak Fail, No Public SFGAm public transportation Test

Trip Report - Six Flags Great America Summary: My evening trip to SFGAm via public transportation  will have to be tested on a different day. Amtrak's site went down and after showing the rudest   Amtrak employee the site was down and I was not able to show my multi-pass I "got" to drive to Chicago Park -- SFGMa via Season Pass (1 meals & 2 snacks via food plan) Lessons: Take a screen grab of your ticket if you have a multi ride pass, rude employees don't care you have a real ticket and Amtrak app only works if there website is up Trip Report: #LogeRideApp Maxx Force 3 Raging Bull 4

[Planning] Safari Land in Villa Park IL

Lets Plan After a review like this at a park so close I have to plan a trip: Trip Outline: I'm thinking... Ext Weekend, Pick up Safari Land on the way to Six Flag Great America (Chicago, IL) Tentatively we will be up end of July so I need to look up hours and see how this would go. Have you been or know of a deal? Let me know or sound off in the comments. Anchor Airports: Chicago, IL (United Hub)

Museum Membership got us in the Field Museum for FREE

ASTC Travel Passport We usually swap memberships to different local Museum/Zoo so each year we get at least 1 family memberships for Christmas. Much like Credit cards, if you are intentional on what membership benefits you get it's always worth it. So, each year I put the places I might go on a list and when I'm in the area I make sure I go For the Chicago Field Museum we got 2 adults and 2 kids just by showing my card - SCORE * Exclusions: almost all the program have a 90 mile (or some home residence) exclusions Tips and Observations: Parking at Solder field North, about $5 cheaper Give yourself extra time to walk the lake Parks nearby:  Six Flags Great America Navy Pier