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[MM] Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Although I don't have a full total between CashBack bonuses ( link to the Strategy ) with Discover and Chase we defiantly offset the Six Flags passes for 2021. Not a full list but some of the intentional Christmas present buys and the Strategies: Rakuten (My go to for Stacking) I used it online at: GameStop [Stacked with M1] Michaels (Craft Store) Chewy (Dog Medication) [Stacked with M1] Samsung Reebok Dell GoPro (ok - maybe that wasn't a gift but a "business expense") Office Depot / OfficeMax [Stacked with M1] I'll get some totals for my monthly review - coming in just a few days

Getting ready for Black Friday [MM]

With Christmas around the corner it's time to remind everyone to get intentional about your spending. This is the time to spend a few extra minutes to check "stacking" deals and Credit Card deals to make sure you start earning for next years Parks. For example: Chase $15 - 50% off ( More info on Chase ) - Stacking ( More info on Rakuten to stack Points ) Paypal 5% Discover Bonus

[Worth it?] Chase | The Parking Spot

No Risk, it's free if you have a Chase Card If you might be flying out of an Airport and need to park a complimentary Platinum status for 2 years can't hurt. Even if you're not sure you need it low risk signed up. I still would rather pay more to fly out of a close smaller airport.

[Money Monday] Fine Print

Cell phone discount? Not for me Some times you need to get good at checking the fine print. For example, at a quick glance this AmEx Hilton 5% is a good deal BUT "you must spend a minimum of $100 in one or more eligible US transactions by the last day of each calendar month to be considered eligible for a one-time statement credit" SO, unless you have a $100 cell phone bill you only get the standard card promotions and in my case a better promotion on a different card

Another Starbucks Reload

Since that AmEp deal from 2 months ago is expired today I'm reloading from Discover. Wasn't able to point stack but did get a Bonus - $20 value for $18

SeaWorld added the "get the rest of 2021 free" on passes

The big chains all now have the deal doing If you have been following I grabbed the Cedar Fair Platinum deal when it came out. Part of my OffYear strategy. Quickly Six Flags added the same deal (HOME PARK ONLY - full show with details here) and finally it looks like SeaWorld added it after Halloween. Plus: Limited-Time Offer: Save 20% online so a better deal than I got it last year.  Yes, if it's not clear if you are getting a pass it's VERY worth it.