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Thrills and Magic in the Velocicoaster queue

Thrill Seekers Podcast - Thrills and Magic In this podcast we get both camera tips and a virtual walk of the Velocicoaster queue

Happy New Year

Cheers to a great year 2021 was a great year for us - We had lots of big Park stuff: Texas road trip ending at Holiday World California Parks trip First HHN in Orlando First trip to IAAPA No, we didn't get to all the Six Flags parks in 2021 so that goal will have to get pushed into 2022 So on to the #LogRideApp 2021 Year in Review Stats Traveled 369 miles via coaster Went on 405 Attractions Flipped over on 834 Inversions B&M topped my coasters with 26 adding: 13 Inverted5 Hypers, 1 wing Since 2020 my top 3 ridden: American Thunder 144, Mako 80, The Boss 53 Ended the year with a coaster count of 230