About ParksWithPoints

Hey, glad you found us. This site is dedicated to leveraging Credit Cards and Points to get the most out of all the parks. YES, how we plan (Almost) Free Family Vacations.

New to the ideas of Travel hacking? Not a problem -- jump over to the Credit Card Basics and I promise I have a simple example that is NOT complicated to get you started. Also, I take questions, so if you get stuck, drop me a question on this site or on Facebook.

Why should you care? Well, in my opinion, the average household has basic expenses, so why not use them to get some perks? For example, my insurance bill just came in the mail, so by paying that bill and buying essentials like groceries I'll spend enough money to get a sign-on credit card bonus. It's really that easy, and if you're not sure, follow along on this site or Facebook and I'll document how I do it.