Dec 2020 Points Review

Happy New Year - hope we start using more Point this year

Summary of what was redeemed

1 overnight free stay - Hilton Points
$100 Shutterfly for gifts, against which we turned in $80 in Discover Cash back (20% bonus right now)
Chase Rewards - Pay yourself back to offset a season pass for Indian Beach

Credit Card Changes
P1 New Card: Hilton American Express (the no annual fee version)
Why? I have a Hilton card I want to down-grade and not have a monthly fee. I get 80,000 Hilton Honors Bonus Points for signing up for the new card.  [Click hear to check it out and support the site]
More info on latest hotel thoughts at

Credit Card Strategy
No strategy change, still on the same card paths - You can review what Credit Cards I use for what category at

Open Thoughts
Would anyone be interested in our Point balance? -- Hilton, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Discover cash back - I was moving them off excel and into a tool so once I figure that out I would be happy to share.

Next Research
Gas - with next years 2021 Rollercoaster Rylie all Six Flags Extravaganza I need some other options not tied to a brand
Flights - we have a frontier near us and we have the kids fly free and we use Chase for flight they don't fly. I need to check if that's worth a renew as it does have a cost and there isn't much flexibility.