💸 Worth It? - Six Flags St Louis Photo Pass 2020 Breakdown

Six Flags Photo Plan add on for Season Pass - Photo Pass (What's the Photo Pass?)

Bottom Line
Yes, if you are are interested in photos at all and are going to the park a lot it's worth it

Here is a deep analysis into what value we got in 2020. Due to the crazy 2020, Six Flags extended the passes into 2021, but still worth asking the question.

We paid $19.99 with our passes (Full Price: $59.99/ea)

What we got in 2020
  1. We got 5 physical 6x8 pictures - you can get one free per month. We got each of them printed for us at the main photo center.
  2. I can't figure out how many digital we got, but it has to be about 10x that; you can download them from the web, and even change the borders.
  • If you go to different park you have to get a different pass for every park, so might not be worth it to you travel
  • You can save your time at the Log-flume and/and American Thunder and have the pictures add to your account at the photo center if the photo booth is closed
  • I put the pass on my daughter's account, so if she goes without me she can still use the pictures
  • You can take any photo cards from SF employee photographers to the photo center and have them added to the account, so if you're with a big group, you can save all the individual pictures to the one picture account and send them out after you download them
  • The Photo pass will save in Google Pay as a loyalty card and work (assume Apple would also save it)
  • If you want another physicals picture check the App, there is almost always a coupon like shown
Overall Value
I would say we got our money's worth, but I wouldn't have paid full price for it. Every year I'll need to look at how many trips I'm going to take and whether or not we want additional pictures of riding the same rides.

We will have our photo pass again in 2021 (extension), then I'm guessing we will skip it in 2022, but will take a closer look when we renew the season passes.

Do you have a photo pass? Do you use it? Will we luck out and have them work across all the SF parks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.