Lets Plan - West Great Lake [Where would you stop?]

Let's brainstorm an extended (4ish day) weekend run

  • Six Flag Great America (Chicago, IL)
  • Little Amerricka Amusement Park (Marshall, WI)
  • Bay Beach Amusement Park (Green Bay, WI)
  • Mt. Olympus (Wisconsin Dells, WI)
  • Tom Foolery (Wisconsin Dells, WI) 
  • Nickelodeon at Mall of America (Bloomington, MN)
  • Valleyfair (Shakopee, MN)
  • Adventureland to catch Dragon Slayer, new in 2021 (Altoona, IA)
  • [Added] Modern Woodmen Park (Davenport, Iowa) - small break between Adventureland and the Six Flags

To get it into an extended weekend you would clearly need to drop something. 
For example:
Adventureland is 3h 30m South of Minneapolis - 4h 45m west of Chicago
Bay Beach is 2h - 2h 30m to the Dells
Could pick between Valleyfair and Nickelodon

Anchor Airports: Chicago, IL (United Hub) and Minneapolis, MI (Dela Hub)

Personally Delta isn't flying to my local airport right now sadly. If they open back up the regional jets I will hit that on another weekend and make Adventureland a day trip.

Do you have a loop by you that includes your home park? Hit me up in the comments as I want to get to all the Six Flags parks this year.