California Parks

Trip Report Coming

We just got back and we had a few snags but overall did the plan we posted in the Let's Plan 


  1. Red Rock Canyon
  2. Death Valley National Park - Didn't get as far as we would have likes
  3. Sequoia National Park - was mostly cut off due to the fires
  4. King's Canyon National Park - was mostly cut off due to the fires
  5. California's Great America (Cedar Fair)
  6. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - learned that ticket sales and line entry stop an hour before close currently
  7. Discovery Kingdom (Six Flags)
  8. Yosemite National Park
  9. Magic Mountain (Six Flags)
  10. Knott's Berry Farm (Cedar Fair)
  11. Buffalo Bill's - I know Desperado was closed but I still wanted to see it