[MM] Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Although I don't have a full total between CashBack bonuses (link to the Strategy) with Discover and Chase we defiantly offset the Six Flags passes for 2021. Not a full list but some of the intentional Christmas present buys and the Strategies:

Rakuten (My go to for Stacking) I used it online at:

  • GameStop [Stacked with M1]
  • Michaels (Craft Store)
  • Chewy (Dog Medication) [Stacked with M1]
  • Samsung
  • Reebok
  • Dell
  • GoPro (ok - maybe that wasn't a gift but a "business expense")
  • Office Depot / OfficeMax [Stacked with M1]
I'll get some totals for my monthly review - coming in just a few days