[MM] Deep Dive into the Game Stop example from Thrill Seekers Podcast

Oculus Quest 2

Summary of what we talked about on Thrill Seekers Podcast Q&A

Background: I was looking for a deal on an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas, so here is the Points review of the deal:

All stores had is for $50 off so $299 was the price, and it was about looking for the best store to buy it. I went with Game Stop and here is why:

GameStop $50 Gift Card

GameStop $10 Credit (+11960 Reward Points)

Rakuten 10% CashBack [via #PointsStacking]

M1 Credit Card 10% Awards [#CashBack]

Results: About $60 in credit to use for games as part of the gift and about $60 #CashBack that could be used to offset a Park or, if you're following the Six Flags example, one season pass.