Worth It? - Six Flags St Louis Flash Pass

Six Flags Flash Pass

Well, Six Flags made it pretty easy to decide for the 2021 year by more than doubling the cost, so I'm not renewing.

Tips and observations:
  • I used it a lot when my kids where young - allows me to drop in quickly on a ride my kids can't go on
  • I can put my daughter on the ride while I'm with my son who isn't tall enough
  • Phone is easiest, just make sure you reserve ahead of time
  • Do you get to skip the lines with a membership? If so, it's not as valuable
  • The first tier worked great, not sure the higher tiers would have been worth the extra money
  • Only works at the Home Park
Not sure that helps, but let me know if you disagree. I got to lots of different parks, so I might feel differently if I just went to one park.