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Let me start by saying cash back is not usually the best use of points. That said, if you're challenging yourself, like me, to get the most out of your parks you going to end up need to fund a park season pass or an upgrade in the park. If you're new and don't have points built up save them for the airfare and hotels. That said, there are a few options that are better than others and I will try to update this as I find and use them.

Offset Cashback

This is more like using a reward credit to pay for something that you would have paid for anyway. Some cards call it 'wiping' and some call it 'pay yourself back' but it's all the same idea. Ticket cost $50 so you look for something to offset the $50. Quick example:

Using Chase Ultimate Reward I found two qualifying items that have a 25% bonus so that would be about the same as using them for travel. In this case the ticket was 50 and a food upgrade was about the two charges her so I offset the cost of my ticket and food upgrade. If you want to be exact you can even do partial amounts but usually I just round up if I'm using points. NOTE: the red circle is the time limit so make sure you use before they time out.

Straight Cashback

I think the card that made this popular was Discover and they would original send you a check. I personally have both Discover and Costco right now that build cashback. The Costco card still sends a check but it can only be cashed at customer service at Costco. Yes, it's better to cash it and put your Costco order on the card again so you collect more cashback.